Aaron N. Hall – #1 Amazon Bestselling Author

Hi, I’m Aaron! Destiny brought you here this day, and I am grateful.

I love writing stories that matter. Fantasy and sci-fi are my bread and butter. But, to me, it’s not enough to just write about spacecrafts or enchanted swords. I love writing stories that make you feel things, make you think, or give you something meaningful to carry. I hope you find those experiences in my books below.

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The Legend of Uh – YA Fantasy Comedy

Sir Dashing Junior was only knighted because they couldn’t knight his father twice. Now he’s determined to prove he’s worthy of his new title.

With an aspiring ranger, an awkward friar, and a book-loving orc, DJ will venture across the territory of Uh to reach the Amulet of the Goddess, proving that he’s truly worthy of knighthood.

Along the way, he and his companions will encounter a cursed author, a violent noodle cult, democratic goblins, and a whole lot more.

It’s a journey fraught with danger and discovery, and the territory is rich with monsters and magic, so is DJ’s quest for respect really worth the cost?



Love Letters to a House on Fire

Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Humor

A thoughtful, quirky, and vulnerable collection of short stories, poems, and ransom notes. View on Amazon


The Wevlian Chronicles, Book 1

Epic Christian Fantasy

Jason, a poor boy from Lower City, is divinely called by a dragon god to be the next king of a kingdom that’s fallen to ruin. View on Amazon


The Wevlian Chronicles, Book 2

Epic Christian Fantasy

King Jason rules and Nezmyth has been at peace, but King Nartikis of Unbuntye goes to war as he tries to claim Nezmyth for his own. View on Amazon


The Wevlian Chronicles, Book 3

Epic Christian Fantasy

A disgruntled and charismatic military leader seeks misguided revenge on King Jason as the kingdom turns against him. The end of the King Jason Saga. View on Amazon

My Name is Hammerfist

Superhero Comedy

A down-on-his-luck community college graduate gets powers in a freak accident and starts fighting crime for a full-time salary. View on Amazon

My Name is Hammerfist Vol. 2

Superhero Comedy

More evil persists in Citytown in the sequel to My Name is Hammerfist—more laughs, more thrills, and more feels. View on Amazon

I’m Sorry, Here’s a Plasma Rifle

Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Humor

A quirky, exciting, and thoughtful collection sent from the future. Available for free when you join the monthly newsletter. View on Amazon