Love Letters to a House on Fire: Stories, Poems, and Ransom Notes

Greedy elves. Warrior princesses. Earnest robots. Sexy frogs. Love Letters to a House on Fire is a collection of stories, letters, poems, and ransom notes that contain thoughtful and quirky observations on the world we live in. Follow along through science fiction- and fantasy-inspired tales of adventure, conspiracy, betrayal, and determination. Enjoy poems exploring themes of love, life, nature, faith, and mental health. Finish by reading the ransom notes documenting a botched kidnapping that blossomed into a family blood feud. These are love letters to the deep parts of ourselves and the parts of the world burning at our feet. View on Amazon

The Wevlian Chronicles

Book 1 – Foreordained

The #1 Amazon Bestseller! – The kingdom of Nezmyth is in shambles and hope is spread thin. King Barnabas has ruled for decades, casting everything into poverty and decay. But a poor boy named Jason has been Foreordained by the Sacred Dragon to replace him. At age seventeen, Jason must endure a year of tests before he can rise up to the throne. But will he survive? King Barnabas will retain his power at any cost—so is it worth the suffering of the people he loves? The kingdom? His life? Jason must rely on the Sacred Dragon and become something greater than he is, or Nezmyth will continue to crumble. View on Amazon

Book 2 – Purged

King Jason has ruled for four years and Nezmyth has been at peace. But now, war is on the kingdom’s doorstep. To the west, King Nartikis of Unbuntye has raised an insurmountable army of monsters called the Ash, and with them, he’s determined to overrun Nezmyth and take it for his own. King Jason and his friends struggle to repel the Ash as the black hand of death falls upon those they love. To overcome, they must learn to trust the Sacred Dragon and an old enemy. If not, Nezmyth will be destroyed. View on Amazon

Book 3 – Awakened

King Jason is plagued with dreams of destruction. Emptiness and loss burn his soul worse than he ever thought possible. And through it all, a threat rises in Nezmyth—the beautiful and charismatic Captain Kierli is bent on overthrowing Jason on her misguided quest for revenge. King Jason and his friends fight against Kierli’s influence as she travels the kingdom spreading lies and murder, but her cunning creates a Nezmyth that calls for Jason’s departure and the dismantling of the Old Ways. Will you stand by him, even at the end? View on Amazon

The Hammerfist Series

My Name is Hammerfist

In the grimy metropolis of Citytown, Herman Fitzgerald is a down-on-his-luck community college graduate. He’s broke. He’s lonely. And he’s missing his right hand after a car crash with a toxic waste truck. When he (naturally) develops powers from the accident, the eccentric Doctor Sidney Saskatoon persuades Herman to fight crime for an exorbitant full-time salary. How? Replace his severed hand with a metal hammer and whack baddies into submission. Sure, his money problems are over, but what Herman discovers in the underbelly of Citytown is danger, friendship, conspiracy, and betrayal. View on Amazon

My Name is Hammerfist Vol. 2

It’s been three months since Cassie disappeared. Even as summer is coming to a close, Compound Z24 is still running rampant through the Citytown streets. And worst of all, a brutal new serial killer is systematically killing former Genesis Corporation leaders. Herman and Frankie continue to work with Detective Axewielder and the Citytown Police to hunt down this new killer and stop the flow of Compound Z24, but every clue just leads to more questions. And Herman is unprepared to receive a revelation that will shake him to his core. View on Amazon

I’m Sorry, Here’s a Plasma Rifle: A Collection of Short Stories, Poems, and Pastry Recipes

Sent back from the year 2124, I’m Sorry, Here’s a Plasma Rifle is the last known work of author Aaron N. Hall before his tragic jet ski accident with a shipping container of rubber ducks. It contains seven short stories, eighteen poems, and four pastry recipes that highlight his affection for fantasy, science fiction, and the endearingly odd. The current edition has been republished including the notes of Dr. Arthur B. Salazar, who sent the book from the future before being cryogenically frozen and launched into space prior to Earth’s decay. View on Amazon