Hey there! It’s your boy!

I’m Aaron. A writer, musician, and photographer currently residing near the snowy mountains of Salt Lake City. I love movies, classic literature, The Legend of Zelda, and probably your dog.

Back in 2017, I graduated summa cum laude from Utah Valley University with a degree in Communications and Public Relations. During school, I worked in fast food, sold neckties, interned for a local startup, and did photography to help pay the rent. Since graduating, I’ve worked various jobs in copywriting, video production, project management, and marketing strategy.

Despite my staggering array of professional accomplishments, my true passion is storytelling. If you like epic fantasy with swords and magic, you should start with The Wevlian Chronicles. If you’re into quirky and fun superhero misadventures, you should read My Name is Hammerfist. You can find all my work on Amazon, or if you’d like to sample the first five chapters of each, sign up for my newsletter below.

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