Real talk: I haven’t done a lot of writing stuff this week.

Lately I’ve been rereading Foreordained, preparing myself to dive into the second draft of Purged. I’ve rediscovered some important plot devices that will be fun to make connections to, and I’ve already handed the first draft to a fan for beta reading. He’s loving it so far, but the book still needs a lot of work. I’ve found that rereading Foreordained is slow going because, hey, going over your earliest work can feel tedious. But alas, it must be done.

I didn’t want to make a big deal about this, but this is also my last full week of down time before I start my new job. Yep! Your boy is no longer unemployed! That means I only have a few more days to lay on the couch, watch TV, play Animal Crossing, and go skateboarding whenever I want. Then I’ll be back to work like a respectable member of society.

It’s kind of a funny story, too. Just over a week ago, I received a rejection email for a copywriter position. The email basically said, “Hey, thanks for applying, but no thanks. Good luck!” What made me chuckle was that this email was riddled with copy mistakes–like, blatant and obvious ones. It was actually kind of hilarious. So in my comedic pettiness, I took a screenshot, circled the mistakes, blotted out the company name, then posted it to my LinkedIn profile.

Since I posted that screenshot ten days ago, it’s been viewed over 12,000 times and has over 100 likes. Within two days, I had four different people reach out to me about copywriting work. One of them was a guy that I used to work with years ago. We exchanged messages, we had a phone call, and by the next day I was in his office. He told me about his company and offered me a position as a Marketing Strategist. And I accepted! Yaaaayyy!

So that’s that. With starting a new job, that means I have to make time in my busy schedule to write. My current plan is to wake up at 6:00am every morning (ugh) to exercise, read God’s holy word, shower, have breakfast, and put in an hour of writing stuff before I have to be at work. It’ll be taxing, but that means that I’ll have my evenings to do whatever I want! When I’m home from work, I’ll be in full chill mode. Booyeah.

With some luck, I’m starting to think it’s a real possibility that Purged could be published by the end of this year. It’s a long shot, but certainly not impossible. And that means I’ll have published two books in a year! Woo!! That would be big time.

But what I’m trying to say is… I still didn’t do a lot of writing stuff this week. Sorry.