Your dad already knows. It’s time to get with the program.

I got on the New Balance wagon a few years ago because of an Instagram ad. They got me. They freaking got me. I was merrily scrolling, minding my own business when I saw an ad for a pair of sneakers with big N’s on the side. I had known of New Balance as kind of a joke before that, but honestly, I thought this particular pair in the ad was kind of cool. So I clicked it. The rest is history.

Joe’s New Balance Outlet has to be thanked in this process, too. This site has single-handedly converted me into a New Balance aficionado because I’m able to cop comfy-as-a-cloud sneakers for nearly $30 a pair. That’s outrageous. Even cheaper than I would get sneakers at Ross.

But I like to try before I buy, particularly when I’m as skeptical as I am toward a misunderstood sneaker brand. I found a nearby New Balance store in Salt Lake City and hit it up to try the wares. I found a pair of olive green 247’s and thought they looked pretty alright. I put them on and actually said “whoa” out loud. They were so comfortable. More comfortable than anything I had ever worn. I walked out with those sneakers in hand. After paying for them. Because thievery is frowned upon in most civilized societies.

As of right now, I have about six pairs of New Balance sneakers, including that first pair of 247’s that I bought. I have a pair for working out, a pair for hiking, and four other pairs for casual wear.

The New Balance 997H. One of my favorite pairs of sneakers.

It’s time for you to wise up and learn to love New Balance. Shake off the chains in which Nike and Adidas have you bound. Not to say that Nike and Adidas don’t have a great thing going–they do. But there’s more out there. To paraphrase Pedro Pascal’s character from WW84, “Your feet are good! But they can be better.”

Still need convincing? Fine. Here are some cooler people than you that wear New Balance sneakers:

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