Purged progress – 110,000 words (first draft, ~90% complete)

Heeyyy so… you know how I was super productive last week? Yeah. This week wasn’t as productive.

I think I had two days where I didn’t write at all. On one of the days I did write, I only did about 500 words instead of my typical quota of 1600, which is super weird because it looks like the manuscript moved along a solid 9,000 words from last Saturday? Where did all those words come from??

Anyway, I’m entering the climactic battle in the book. Everything has culminated to this moment. I thought I’d be more amped to write it, but honestly, I’m nervous. I don’t know if I did everything right. I think some characters’ arcs are still a little muddy. There are a handful of other elements that still need some work. It’s discouraging as I look back.

But I realize that this is only the first draft. I need to be more patient with myself. My problem is that all my life I’ve had this need to get things right on the first time. Since I starting meeting with a therapist months ago, I’ve realized that this has bled into every aspect of my life, be it my professional experiences, creative ventures, or relationships. I need to allow myself to get things wrong sometimes, but my insides are screaming at me for it.

Shoot, if you saw the first drafts of Foreordained or My Name is Hammerfist you’d be shocked. They were pretty bad. Foreordained was the worse one because I finished that first draft when I was eighteen–freaking ten years ago(!?). So I’ve decided that I want to rocket through this final battle next week. Write it all. Just do it. Then I can go back and fix things up in the following revisions. There’s plenty of time to turn this book into something unforgettable. Just gotta be patient with myself.

Goodreads Author status

On another note, I’m officially an Author on Goodreads now! Oh please, please cease your thunderous applause, I am but a humble self-published author. Please, I insist. But seriously, Monica with Goodreads customer support was really helpful and got things set up for an effortless experience. And now I can respond to readers comments as the actual writer! That’s what I’m most excited about.

If you want to see my author account on Goodreads, click this link right here. And if you’ve read any of my books and haven’t left a review, I’m begging you from the depths of my soul to do so.

And if you haven’t read either of my books yet, I’m also pleading with all earnestness that you will. The links for both of them are featured just a few paragraphs up. You get a great story, and I make enough money for a cheeseburger. It’s a win for both of us.