Guys, marketing a book is hard. Like, really hard. I studied public relations in college and most of my professional career has been in marketing. I’ve been around the marketing block a time or two, helping make millions of dollars for some companies, so I kind of know how things are done.

But marketing books? Sheesh. That stuff is hard.

Sometimes you just gotta be a Costco. You know their free samples? With the nice old ladies standing at the end of aisles giving you little nuggets of granola bars or microwavable sushi? Well, I’m gonna give the people what they want: microwavable sushi.

Metaphorically. I’m actually giving them a free book.

My next work, I’m Sorry, Here’s a Plasma Rifle: A Collection of Short Stories, Poems, and Pastry Recipes will be available for free to all people who sign up for my monthly newsletter. When the book drops, everyone will get an email with digital book copies they can download right to their preferred device. So will all future newsletter subscribers. It’s an eternal freebie.

Why? Because just like the microwavable sushi, I’m hoping that when people read Plasma Rifle, they’ll want to try more. They’ll be like, “Gee, this Aaron guy writes some pretty neat stuff! I wonder what else he’s got?” Then they’ll laugh their way through My Name is Hammerfist or cry at the beginning of Awakened like everyone else has.

So yeah. That’s the truth. The whole truth and nothing but the truth, so help me Bob. I’m gonna give all of you a free book hoping that you’ll buy more of my other books. But if you don’t… that’s still okay. I loved writing this stuff regardless.

Here’s the signup form. I’m Sorry, Here’s a Plasma Rifle will be available here and on Amazon by the end of July 2022. Don’t miss out.

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