Things are terrible. It’s a brand new year so all of us were like, “omigosh 2021 yasss 2020 is over new year new me lol cool awesome bad times are done yay!” And then a ragamuffin team of violent fascists rolled up on the nation’s capitol because their beloved Cheeto in Chief lost a fair election. That sucks.

You know what doesn’t suck? Cats.

Dog people have left the chat

That’s fine. Haters gonna hate. But seriously, aren’t we all kind of cats in our own way? Don’t we all want to sleep 18 hours a day, eat chicken, and get cuddles on our terms? Relatable.

Here are some magnificent cats to bless your feed.

Beignet (aka Benny)

Benny is a catto after my own heart. I, too, love the Kroger brand of foods!! Also heard Benny gets the mad zoomies like a jet engine. Very impressive. Much energy. 10/10.

Dave Meowthews

Dave Meowthews would definitely like his space, thank you very much. Most musicians are like this, honestly. Hope he can forgive me and not write an angry song about me. 10/10.


Esmerelda is here to tell us that things are topsy-turvy, but that’s okay. We might be able to dance our way through 2021 and come out unscathed. But we gotta seek some sanctuary in each other first and help the outcasts. 10/10.


I heard Kylo has turned over a new leaf ever since he’s got his smooch on. He’s sensitive now. And check out those green eyes!! Would definitely kiss gently on the forehead and tell him how handsome he is. 10/10.


Lilith’s boyfriend Severus is a little reclusive, but Lilith wants to know what you’re up to. She might protect your life with the ancient magic of love, but that remains to be seen. 10/10.

Iower Gilbert Berwald Spangler

I… I’m confused. It’s been so long since my friend sent me this photo that I don’t know if this is one of the cats with a very long name, or if one cat is named Iower Gilbert and the other is Berwald Spangler. I mean, why would they have different last names? Is one loved more than the other so much that the hooman parents gave them the family name while the other didn’t? That must create tension between the two. Would hate to be there during family gatherings. Still 10/10 for both of them.

Meowy Poppins

Practically purrfect in every way. Looks super cozy. So shush. 10/10.


Donnie, Leo, and Mikey are definitely jealous of Raff’s good looks. I mean, look at those eyes!! And the fluffy mane!! Rafael deserves to be in a Fancy Feast commercial. But don’t let his handsomeness go to his head. Would hate for someone to come shred his pride. 10/10.


How does one vash? Asking for a friend. Also, Vasher is clearly a sentinel and guard for the tiny hooman. Very responsible and noble. Vasher is clearly telling the hooman that everything the light touches is our kingdom. Or looking at a bug. Either way, 10/10.


Vin is tired from all the heist planning and metal magic she’s been doing. She needs a good ol’ rest. Hopefully she can get a good nap in before her hideout is discovered. The Lord Ruler is always on to her. 10/10.