“I wish I had more time to read, I just don’t.”

You don’t have time to read, huh? You sure about that? If you’re really confident about that, I’m gonna challenge you to do something.

Most phones now will tell you how much screen time you’re getting and what apps you’re using every day. Go into the settings on your phone and check your daily usage. What do you think you’ll find?

I wish I could be there to see your jaw drop when you see how much time you’re probably spending on social media.

Listen, I’ve got a problem too. We all do. Basically for the last fifteen years, social media has had a chokehold on our lives and touched every aspect of what we do. For crying out loud, people go on vacations with exact ideas of the pictures they want for Instagram! It’s kind of wild, isn’t it?

But let’s get back to this article’s opening statement. As you can see, you absolutely do have time to read. Whether you’re spending 20 minutes or two hours a day on social media, you can definitely use a chunk of that to read some books and grow your brain power.

And it’s a lot easier than you think.

The solution is ebooks. You know those little e-readers you see people with by the pool? On an airplane? On the bus? The truth is, you don’t need to have a special device to read ebooks. You can get them on your phone, and the apps are almost always free.

Yup. On your phone. For free.

Personally, I use Amazon’s Kindle app. But there are a bunch of other solid ebook apps out there like Barnes & Noble’s NOOK, Apple Books, and Google Play Books. You can get all of these apps for free on your phone, so it’ll be like having a library in your pocket.

“But Aaron, don’t ebooks cost money?” Yeah, that’s true. But I know that at least on Kindle, you can find copies of classic novels for less than three dollars a pop. Currently, I’m reading a copy of Hamlet I downloaded for something like 95 cents. And ebooks are usually cheaper than physical copies of newer releases, too. And it’ll be in your pocket.

So this is my case for ebooks. Download an ebook app and fire it up whenever you’re tempted to doomscroll through Twitter or Facebook or Instagram. You’ll be amazed at the time you actually have to read. And reading is good!! It grows your brain! Who doesn’t want that?

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