I like shoes. I have a lot of them—about thirty pairs, actually. But I’ve never been terribly interested in limited-edition drops or fancy partnerships. I care more about the designs that have stood the test of time. You know, the classics.

Classics like the Vans Old Skool.

You’ve seen these sneakers on everyone from punks, to nerds, to rappers, to try-hard youth ministers. In my opinion, it’s a perfect shoe. And here’s why.


You recognize them from the get-go. It’s a multi-panel canvas sneaker with a suede toe and side stripe. The most recognizable colorway is black with a white side stripe and white laces. It’s cool, right? Slick, low profile, but cool. You can wear these to a music festival or to a wedding and they won’t look out of place. It’s probably why the design has been largely unchanged since 1977.


In Sneakerland, shoes can be stupid pricey. An inexpensive pair of Jordans run you at least $150, but if you want something limited edition, you better watch your phone like a hawk and be ready to drop four figures. The Vans Old Skool says, “I gotchu fam. I know you don’t have time for those games.” You can find them for about $70 at your local Vans store.


Some people will have the same pair of Old Skools after nearly a decade. I don’t know what their manufacturing process is over at Vans, but whatever it is, it’s working. It’s not often that you find a lifestyle sneaker that looks good and can take a serious beating, but the Old Skool owns that intersection.


The amount of colors and designs the Old Skool has is staggering. I have a friend that has multiple colors of Old Skools that he coordinates with different outfits. Black, white, red, blue, yellow, black-and-white checkers, Guy Fieri flames… oh, and you can order custom ones on the Vans website. The possibilities are through the roof.

That’s it. That’s all I got. I know this is an author page and I usually write about book stuff and pop culture, but I had to give a shoutout to one of my favorite shoes. Now please go buy one of my books. Or just sign up for a free digital book below. Please and thank you.

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